Saturday, February 06, 2010

- Sunday Ikebukuro Sunshine: The Sea -

Just a supplementary explanation to the previous post: I did NOT make a mistake when I posted the sunfish in the Zoo-Zoo Plaza section. The sunfish aquarium WAS outdoor, right next to the ponies and ducks and fennecs.

Photographs from the “Wilderness of the Sea” Floor and the “Nature in Every Respect” Floor ↓

IMG_0119 [元の解像度] Japanese Sardines. Yum yum.

IMG_0123 [元の解像度] Moray Eels. Some of them are said to be venomous.

IMG_0130 [元の解像度] Baikal Seal 「どや?2828」. Omgwtfbbq I love this picture.

IMG_0142 [元の解像度] The “Diamond Aquarium”..?

IMG_0148 [元の解像度] Bigfin Reef Squid. They’re so tiny <3

IMG_0152 [元の解像度] Ewww jellyfish……

IMG_0164 [元の解像度] Japanese pun ;D


“Ei!”  --- (i) Stingray; (ii) The sound one makes when he throws something.

“Koi!” --- (i) Name of the fish; (ii) Word used when one’s all prepared to receive something.

The stingray’s throwing a baseball at the Koi fish.

IMG_0172 [元の解像度] Boa-sama!!! I love Boa Hancock (which has got nothing to do with this snake here).

IMG_0174 [元の解像度] I want one of these as a pet. Seriously.

IMG_0188 [元の解像度] I just realised I don’t have enough undersea pictures..

IMG_0197 [元の解像度] Who are you.

IMG_0206 [元の解像度] Poison Dart Frog… I think.

IMG_0211 [元の解像度] The Mexican Salamander a.k.a Wooper Looper. What a gap in the names.

That was the end of our journey. But of course, I’ve only posted pictures of a small portion of the animals in the aquarium/zoo, so those who want to see more of them, just visit them at the top floor of Sunshine City at Ikebukuro! Besides, there are lots of things to do at Ikebukuro, like sweets buffet and Shakey’s buffet, karaoke, movies, comics and internet cafe, Animate, shopping… and get annoyed by the pamphlet distributors on the streets. Oh yes they stuff them into your arms, forcefully, whether you like it or not.

But all you have to do is stare back at them expressionlessly. Don’t surrender.

Unless you desperately want some tissues to blow your nose.

Speaking of zoos and aquariums… I don’t really know a lot of these places in Japan, but apart from Sunshine International Aquarium, I’ve been to the Ueno Zoo (Ueno, Tokyo), Inogashira Nature and Zoo Park (Kichijouji, Tokyo), Asahiyama Zoo (Hokkaido), and Kaiyuukan (Osaka). Ueno and Inogashira Zoos are fun if you’re interested in small animals and want to play with them – at Ueno, you can also visit the museums, the Ueno Park, and the Ame-yoko (Ameya Street) which are just nearby; as for Inogashira, you can also visit the Inogashira Park which is a great place for sakura-viewing in Spring, and also the Kichijouji shopping streets as well as the Ghibli Museum, if you’re interested in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime. Asahiyama is one of the most famous zoos in Japan – a must-go if you want to visit a zoo here in Japan. And Kaiyuukan is the biggest aquarium in Japan (one of the largest in the world too), but I went there when I was really small so I don’t really remember how was it...

Nasu Animal Kingdom sounds interesting too, but we always forget about it (or short of time) when we go to Nasu (Tochigi Prefecture).. Been to Nasu Garden Outlet for shopping though ;P    Also, there’s a Ichihara Zou no Kuni (Ichihara Elephant Kingdom) in Chiba, but I figured it would be much cheaper if we see the elephants when we visit Thai. Which hasn’t come true.


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